Saturday, March 10, 2012

Suddenly....Cubs. Part 3

Here is part 3 of the Cubs cards I was given. Post 1 and 2 are right here.


(his parents were terrible)


Jerry Mumphrey

I always thought the Dodgers looked the best on the '88 Topps and the Cubs were right up there.

Manny Trillo

I like the angles on this card: the name plate, his bat, and him all seem to point to a successful bunt.

Bob Dernier

This card is mesmerizing. Go find one in your collection and stare at it for a bit. The longer you stare, the more he seems to move. It's odd.

Shawwwwwwwon Dunston

Classic '70's pose.

Jay Baller

He's definitely a baller here. Perm, necklaces, and chest hair.

Works on Eastbound And Down as a technical adviser.

Well, he could anyway.


Les Lancaster

Did anyone watch the BBC adaptation of Great Expectations a little while ago? Les reminds me of Jack Roth as Dolge Orlick.

Gillian Anderson did her best acting in that series.

Paul Noce

The Same

Scott Sanderson

Best Year: 1980. 16-11, 3.11 era. With the Expos.

Bob Tewksbury

Best years were with the Cardinals.

Didn't walk batters.

Good artist.

Frank Dipino

He looks like so many people yet you can't place the person to a tee.

Ed lynch


Former Cubs Gm.


Rick Sutcliffe

The Red Baron.

He was asked by Theo to come to Cubs camp and to actually teach guys, not just be a symbol.

Here's his opinion on the former cubs regime before they burnt the barn down to hopefully replace it with a mansion.

Lee Smith


I said Hof'er. What I say is true. On here, at least.

Brian Dayett

Failed Yankees prospect.

Failed Cubs hopeful.

I hope this doesn't happen to Ian Stewart for us this year.

Keith Moreland

All his productive years were with the Cubs.

Current long term stand in for Santo on WGN radio with Pat Hughes.

Drew Hall


Thad Bosley

Not the Happy Days guy.

In 1976, he stole 90 bases for Salinas. Up until the making up this card, he had 43 steals in 587 games.

Brian dayett

Still sucked a year earlier.

Bob Dernier

1986 steals: 27. Runs scored: 32.

Manny Trillo

Topps fact: Manny participated in high school volleyball. It didn't say he played.

He was actually the towel boy for the women's team.

That's what he tells people.

In case you didn't catch it, there were no '88 Donruss cards. Maybe I should buy a powerball ticket.

As I know you will be waiting with an anticipation greater than for the season to start, I will be back with part 4 soon.

Thanks for perusing this here area of internet.

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