Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1991 Conlon Collection-Cards 1-10

I was six years into my collecting lifestyle when this landmark set was issued.

At first I, like a lot of collectors, passed on them because with all the great, colorful sets coming out, the black and white cards just didn't hold their own in the display aisle. even the box was just black.

But after sampling all the other sets that year I finally got around to buying a box(or five) of this incredibly under appreciated set. What wasn't there not to love about this set?

You had the gorgeous photographs of Charles Conlon, the simple backs with complete career stats, and a whole bunch of facts and trivia and nicknames of the players of the formative years in baseball history when it really started to gain interest.

This set was made by Megacards in conjunction with The Sporting News.

This is also the set which taught me all about the stats of the greats we never saw.

I am going to show the first series of this set (1-330) in 10 card installments. Just a few at a time so you can really look at the cards and read the backs and admire the pictures without being inundated by a wall of cards.

I'm not even going to make small talk about the cards so you can just enjoy them for what they are.

Works of art.

Here are cards 1-10:

Cards 11-20 coming your way soon.


  1. I'm with you. Great cards. I have I think about two thirds of them. Someday I'll fill in the missing ones.

    1. I wish the fifth series was a little more plentiful.


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