Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Suddenly.....Cubs. Part 1

I recently had the pleasure of finding a box of cards sitting on my front ledgy thing by the front door.
It turns out my sister's husband had bought them for my nephew and he had cherry picked them for the modern cards. I guess he wasn't into the junk wax era stuff. If it isn't glossy he doesn't want it, I guess.

So I brought them in and started to go through them. It came to about 250 cards. All Cubs.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it but I gave 95% of my Cubs cards to the same nephew. He definitely enjoys having them. I even made him a custom binder with a collage of Cubs, mostly Sosa, that I had cut out of various Becketts, Tuff Stuffs, and Street & Smiths magazines. I also put a lot of Cubs stickers everywhere on it.

What was left wasn't anything great. Just a lot of cards I had never had before.

Here are the cards:

Matt Murton

Japan's single season hit king.

Willie Wilson

Barely remember this at all.

Rey Sanchez


Tommy Shields

I like this card.

Turk Wendell

Goofy is as goofy does.

Greg Hibbard

Marvell Wynne

Dwight Schru.......Smith

Same kind of player as Marvell.

Curt Wilkerson

I guess he wanted to sound more mature by dropping the 'is' from Curt.

Mike Bielecki

I bet he has 10,000 of this card.

Steve Wilson

Mark Grace

He was dating Janine Turner of Northern Exposure fame for a while. I don't know if they got married.

I had a crush on Janine back then. Not anymore.

Mitch Williams

I have to mute him anymore on MLB network. He just kind of throws stuff out there, hoping it will stick.

Rick Sutcliffe

To much I could use right here, but, I can't narrow it down.

Mitch Webster

Came to the Cubs a couple years too late.

I thought he was really going to keep getting better.

Sha-won Dunston

Shawon-O-Meter: .237 avg., 237 wild throws.

Vance Law

Part time player, dentist, cpa, lawyer, optometrist.

Or not.

Curt Wilkerson

Again? He must have had something on Zimmer.

The Mitchster

Lloyd McClendon

Mike Harkey

Mike Bielecki

Best season by a Cubs starter since Sutcliffe in '84.

Les Lancaster

I found him creepy.

Paul Kilgus


Damon Berryhill

Paul Assenmacher

He had some good seasons.

Schwanda Dunston

Still at .237 and 237.

Your dentist

Like the candid shot.

Marv again

I really like this candid shot and the green boarders.

Domingo Ramos

Rick Wrona


Mike Bie.....him.


Mark Grace

Such an awkward pose.

Damon Crunchberry

Scott Sanderson

I'll continue the rest of this nice pickup of Cubs cards in part 2.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Can't have too many cards. Well, I don't know about Paul Kilgus.

    1. I don't know about a lot of these guys, to tell you the truth.


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