Friday, March 30, 2012

Poll Results-Berkman Has A Beef With Bud

Well, the poll about Lance Berkman feeling Bud Selig extorted the new owners of the Astros to move the the AL is over.

Here are the results of the people who voted:
  • 10 people agreed with him
  • 0 disagreed
  • 0 didn't care
  • 1 liked that  it evened the leagues up
 Most felt Berkman had a point here but there will probably be nothing done to look into it.

Since it is the last year for the 'Stros in the NL Central, here's to hoping their final NL roster ever realizes this is the end of an era and steps up to the plate and beats the pulp out of their division rivals.

Except the Cubs, that is.

For 2013 the Astros should go from this color:

To this color:

Thanks for voting and reading!


  1. At first glance, I thought this said Berkman Has Beef With Bud.

    ...and I thought, like what... a sandwich? lol

    1. If it was with Bud it would have been bratwurst.


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