Sunday, March 18, 2012

Suddenly.....Cubs. Part 5

This is the fifth post about the Cubs cards that were given to me. Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 are right there.

This will be the second to last post about this lot.

Continuing on:

Dickie Noles

Steve Lake

Steve Trout

Or is it Stephanie?

Nice cropping, Topps.

1983 Donruss incoming!

Keith Moreland

Mike Proly

Went from having no Mike Prolys to having over 10. More later on.

Led the Cubs in ERA in 1982.

Randy Martz

Cub's numero uno pick in 1977.

Dickie Noles


Bill Campbell

Steve Henderson

More Steve Harvey

Mel Hall

I see he was perfecting his pedostache even back then.

Jay Johnstone

You silly, silly man.

Noted clubhouse prankster and was in the movie Naked Gun.

Junior Kennedy

Got nothing.

Scot Thompson

Cub's #1 pick in 1974.

Minor league success did not translate into higher hopes.

Dick Tidrow

Overall, had a very solid career as a middle reliever.

Allen Ripley

Believe it or not, didn't have a solid career.

Mike Proly

If it was me playing a game for a living I might have smiled here. Used to be on the White sox, so maybe being on the north side was a bitter pill for him.

Bill Campbell

Gary Woods

Career minor leaguer and nice guy. Got a photo of him signed on Field day in 1980's.

Pat Tabler

Pat the Bat put up a huge minor league season in '82 which looked like a great deal when he was acquired from the Yankees. Not so. But, he did become Mr. Clutch. Just not with the Cubs.

Well, just one more post about this lot O' Cubs and we are done.

since I didn't post on the Green Drinky Day, Here is your moment of zen:

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