Friday, March 2, 2012

1957 World Series Record Book

Back in 1992 I inherited a few baseball records books from an uncle who passed away.

It was a total of about 20 books but I Ebay'ed 17 of them in a lot.

Here is the first of the remaining three.

1957 Sporting News World Series Records

While it is filled with all the box scores and other stats and entries of the games, I found the advertising neater to see than anything else.

This is the front inside cover:

The tattoo on Constanza's hand is odd to see. Why is that tattoo there?

Here another neat one:

Keep pouring! I didn't tell you to stop! And when you're done there make me a sammich!

And all you youngins out there, stay away from this crap or the card fairy will take all your cards and give them to your best friend(PSA concluded).

Here's the best one:

I couldn't make out all the players with my eyesight and I'm sure that flash in the middle won't help any of you either but I thought the red cursive was really striking.

Here are some more pics:

Dude! She's totally scoping you out!

And Casey didn't even cut himself!

I kind of prefer a razor that is slow and steady to a super speed one.

Perfect game congrats from Berra to Larsen.

And here's a picture of all the offerings from the Sporting News in regard to publications(and the surprisingly high prices):

Blurry pic is blurry.
$4.00 for the baseball register seems high for back then.

And here is the back:

Campy had a really deep pocket on his glove. I guess he had to with that staff.

That's all for now. But if you are hungry and don't know what you want, make some of this:

Thanks for reading!

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