Thursday, March 15, 2012

Found A Ticket Stub.....

....from 1991:

Saturday, May 25, 1991, to be exact.

Montreal vs. the  Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Don't really even remember going to this game but apparently I did.

Here are some stats from the contest:

It was 66 degrees at game time with 16,961 in attendance. That is really low attendance at a Saturday matinee at the Beer Palace....I mean Wrigley.

The wind was blowing in 14 miles per hour but that didn't seem to matter come game time.

The game took 2:32 to play. That is the seven inning stretch time of today's games.

Mike Bielecki started for the Cubs and went 5 innings of two hit, no run ball for the win.

Chuck McElroy relieved him for the four inning save. A four inning save.

No Expo card
Rick Mahler started for the Expos and went 4.1 innings of 7 hit, 5 earned runs ball for the loss. I don't remember him with the Expos, but then again I don't even remember going to the game.

Damon Berryhill went deep with a 3 run jack for the Cubs. Luis Salazar And Ryne Sandberg both cracked solo shots of Mahler. I absolutely love the fact that someone paid to get Luis slabbed.

The Cubs went on to a 5-1 win, their fourth in a row. It was the fourth loss in a row for Le Expos.

Buck Rodgers was the manager of the Expos then. That is an appropriate name for the captain of a team which played underneath a space ship.

Here is the link to the Back To Baseball replay. That site will suck you in if you let it. I think its the crack of the bat that gets you.

Thanks for reading!

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