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Suddenly.....Cubs. Part 4

As you know, I have been showing the Cubs cards which were given to me. This is the fourth installment of the series.

Posts 3, 2, and 1 are right here. Well, right there on the numbers. You know where they are.

Let us continue this riveting rectangular rodeo:

Leon Durham

Topps Facts: Leon is know affectionately as "The Bull".

I think Topps meant known.

Maybe he had an ex who didn't call him that very lovingly.

Thad Bosley

Topps Facts: Thad has recorded a gospel contemporary album named "Pick Up The Pieces".

 The back of the album had the rest of the album's title wrapped around it "Of My Career".

Jerry Mumphrey

No Topps Fact, but the fact that he hit .304 in 1986 is the fact, Jack.

Scott Sanderson

Frank Dipino

Frank attended St. Leo College. Guess where that's at. St. Leo. Fooled me, too.

The facts on the back of Topps cards might have been better if they were in question form and the answer was revealed on another card in the set.

They missed an extra marketing angle there.

Bob Dernier

1985 SB: 31, Runs: 63.

The back says he is 6 feet tall. Nope.

Keith Moreland

Keith had his best year as a major leaguer in '85 with a .307 avg., 180 hits, 30 doubles, just 14 homers, but had 106 rbi's. He also stole 12 bases and walked more than he struck out (68/58).

Very similar to a Michael Young year.

Billy Hatcher

Yes Fleer, Billy.

Davey Lopes

Come on, Fleer! Get it right!

And the subject is lined up weird. He should have been moved to the right a bit.

Ron Meredith

He looks like he kept in shape. He lived in Huntington Beach, Ca during the offseason, so I picture him as running on the beach, drinking OJ,
and drinking wheat grass. And aerobicizing  to Richard Simmons.

I don't know why. i just do.

Ray Fontenot

Lance Berkman's better looking brother.

Gary Matthews

Sarge had his worst year in '85. Only played 97 games, so injury might have been a factor.

Chris Speier

Was Timothy Dalton's body double in The Living Daylights.


Bull Durham

Had cameo roles in the films Little Big League and

Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Dick Ruthven

Reggie Patterson


Warren Brusstar

Was the Cubs setup guy to Lee Smith.

I always thought of Randall 'Tex' Cobb whenever i saw him.

George Frazier

Lost three games during the World Series in 1981 while with the Yankees.

That's a record, folks.

Currently the Rockies tv commentator.


1986 Donruss, like Fleer, was made for the Cubs.


More Leafs than Donruss.

Gary Matthews

Sorry Gary, still your worst year ever.

Changing card companies won't change that.

I hope he's on good terms with his kid.


Remember the actor Leon?

BillY Hatcher

See, Fleer?

DaveY Lopes


Thad Bosley

Future gospel artist recorder person.

My favorite Cub card from this set.

Steve Engel

On an angle.

Keith Moreland

Just like his Fleer card above he is on the ground.

Maybe he's cold blooded.

Nickname is Zonk.

No relation to Mitch moreland. I checked. Which is odd because Keith has ties to Texas where Mitch plays.

Ray Fontenot

Don'tcha know.

You don't?

Well, you shouldn't.

Good on you!



Dick Ruthven

17-10 for Phillies in 1980 and in his only World Series appearance had a 9 inning no decision with 7 strikeouts and no walks.

Bob Dernier

'The Deer'

Formed the 'Daily Double' along with Ryno in 1984 as the cub's 1-2 hitters.

Ron Meredith

It looks like he also did some martial arts as well. 

Looks like Thomas Jane here.

Tex Cobb

Davey Lopes 

When a 39 year old player is the Diamond King of your team you have to figure the selector of the DKs was biased to Davey or the team stank.

I think the team was stanky but he also stole 47 bases, becoming the oldest to steal 40 in a season.

Johnny Abrego

Rated Rookie?

Being the Phillies #1 pick in 1981 shouldn't mean you get a Rated Rookie card in 1986.

Bill Campbell

He was adequate as a Cub but his real claim to fame was the year he put out with the Twins in '76.
78 games, 17-5 record, 20 saves and a 3.00 era.
That's sick.

And the next year with the Red Sox he was 13-9 with 31 saves and a 2.96 ERA.

30-14 with 51 saves in 2 years. Sick.

And with those cards we are.....not done. 

But there aren't a whole lot more to go.

Part 5 is sooneth to cometh.

I'll leave you with some bush trimming tips(hey now!) since the spring is approaching. You just have to be real strong:

Thanks for reading!

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